Indoor Aeroponics, Made Simple

Green Collar Foods (GCF) is a simple, yet influential platform for the urban environment: we empower a select group of local residents with both the agricultural & technological tools that are required to successfully combat food deserts, supplement nutritional gaps, and produce specialty crops that yield a strong financial return.

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A Few Words From Our Partners

The Green Collar Foods team is committed to playing a vital leadership role in supporting not only state priorities, but also in shaping innovative commercial opportunities that benefit local economies, in a sustainable manner that is impressive and refreshing.
Priscilla Taylor, Palm Beach County Commissioner & Former County Mayor
Florida A&M University recognizes the infinite possibilities of implementing the Green Collar Foods initiative. It expands beyond the academics of agriculture by serving as a catalyst to improve health issues and economic development in Tallahassee and Leon County’s historically under served areas.
Shawnta Friday-Stroud, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business and Industry, Florida A&M University
Shaping Cloud is proud to partner with GCF on building a robust Microsoft Azure solution for the GCF data cloud. Together, our platform will enable faster uploading, analyzing, and dissemination of aeroponic data across all GCF Hubs globally.
Carlos Oliviera, CEO, Shaping Cloud
Green Collar Foods continues to innovate in Detroit and I’m looking forward to their expansion into other cities across the U.S. and internationally.
Frank Gublo, Michigan State University (MSU): Food-Ag-Bio
As Eastern Market continues to expand and support Detroit’s regeneration, we are looking forward to expanding our relationship with Green Collar Foods. Smarter cities mean connected cities, and I believe skillful use of agriculture technology will continue to differentiate both Green Collar Foods and Eastern Market.
Dan Carmody

We Produce Results


GCF fits into most spaces – lets figure out which ones work best for you.  Underutilized Asset? Butler Building?  Extra Space?  Let’s Brainstorm!


Let’s plan your approach together.  Start small, and scale up when your business is ready.  GCF Hubs are designed to be installed in manageable pieces.


Our installation team is ready when you are.  We are on-site and dedicated to building your Hub perfectly.


We’ll build it, and we’ll test it to ensure proper functionality.  We teach along the way, so owners feel incredibly comfortable with the system.


Immediately after a GCF Hub is launched, it begins the marvelous process of aeroponically producing nutrient dense specialty crops.

We’re Here To Empower Agriculture Entrepreneurs!

Through Engineering Made Simple, Data Made Relevant, and Partnerships You Can Count On!

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