Green Collar Foods is a socially responsible Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) agri-foods business at the convergence of food traceability, hyper-community awareness, public/private partnerships, and technology revolution.

Green Collar Foods’ vision is to become the leading business model for inner city urban farming in a financially sustainable and repeatable manner while building economic value within the communities that need it the most!

The GCF Management Team below is responsible for the engineering and day-to-day growth of the business.  The true “owners” are LOCAL RESIDENTS who become OWNER-OPERATORS of a GCF hub. These locally sourced owner-operators grow nutritionally dense specialty crops that yield a financial profit FOR THEMSELVES.

Specialty Crops Produce Bigger Rewards For Everyone.

A Sustainable Solution with the Right Crops

Our GCF Hubs focus on high yield, aeroponically produced specialty crops within urban areas sometimes plagued by deprivation and/or urban blight.

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Kale is remarkable in it's health properties

Nutrient Dense

Kale has exploded into high demand over the past 10 years for it’s array of health properties and incorporation into drinks, smoothies, and chips.


From home cooking to your favorite salsa, GCF Cilantro is wonderful.

Flavor Rich

Cilantro grown aeroponically tastes better than traditionally grown Cilantro. We can control how “wet” or “dry” our final product is.

Hot Peppers

Explore other specialty items and produce that intrigues you and earns a profit.

Hot Commodity

Hot peppers are among the items available for growing at your GCF Hub
Minimum Spray Nozzles per Hub!
Land Grant University Potential Partners
Days of Development & Counting!

GCF Management Team

Ron Reynolds
Ron ReynoldsChairman, Co-Founder
Ron has a strong commitment to urban development and to ensuring all GCF stakeholders (owners, operators, politicians, investors, etc.) are properly informed and aligned.
Daniel Casanas
Daniel CasanasExecutive Director, Co-Founder
Daniel focuses his time on business development and strategic relationships.
Ray Quatrochi
Ray QuatrochiChief Engineer
Ray utilizes his 40+ years of automotive engineering skills to develop and refine the GCF aeroponic growing system.
Darren Riley
Darren RileyOperations Director
Darren applies his enthusiasm for computers and machine learning with his love of agriculture to manage GCF aeroponic production.

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Continued strong growth in the “locally grown” food movement remains real, with the market expanding from an estimated $1bn in 2005 to $7bn in 2014. This has meant a unique market entry point for indoor farms’ slightly higher price-point products (i.e. specialty crops).


Multi-silo revenue model within city specific environments is an excellent growth strategy that mitigates risk.

Less Transit

Less transit promotes in-state purchasing (inexpensive) versus sourcing & transporting interstate (expensive).

Monetize Data

Monetizing a custom-built Microsoft Cloud platform that captures and disseminates information.

We’re Here To Empower Agriculture Entrepreneurs!

Through Engineering Made Simple, Data Made Relevant, and Partnerships You Can Count On!

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