Project Description

Excellent Florida A&M and GCF Collaboration

Florida A&M University and Green Collar Foods have been actively collaborating since 2014. During this time, Florida A&M University has successfully secured $2m in development funding for a local GCF project.

Land Grant Status

Designated as a land-grant institution under the Second Morrill Act and by the State of Florida in 1891, Florida A&M University affords its students the opportunity to be prepared as professionals and leaders in the fields of agricultural sciences and engineering technology today.

Underutilized Assets

Many educational institutions have underutilized assets (gymnasiums, old buildings, etc.) that can be redeveloped into something productive. GCF and FAMU are considering these assets for the location of the GCF Hub. Students and local residents can easily access an on-campus Hub.

Willing Student Body

The FAMU College of Engineering Sciences, Technology and Agriculture currently offers degrees through an impressive array of following academic programs, several of which pertain directly to GCF: Agribusiness, Agricultural Technology, and International Agriculture & Business.

Student Health

FAMU Dining firmly believes that today’s hard working college students should be rewarded with a dining service that makes eating on campus palate-pleasing, healthy and entertaining. Produce grown within a GCF Hub augments this effort. Student athletes and health conscious students clearly benefit.

Students Should Have Access

And They Should Be …

Developing The Future

Successfully Appropriated FAMU & GCF Project Funding
Finalists for 2015 HSBU Awards

Planning Is Underway

Florida A&M University and GCF have been hard at work, diligently planning for a GCF Hub on campus.  A core aim of the project is to harness the academic firepower of FAMU students and translate that into a world class growing facility on-campus.  These students will become the next generation of GCF Hub owners.

Excellent Results

FAMU has a longstanding reputation of successfully placing students within successful organizations after graduation.  We are looking forward to working with FAMU’s eager student body and exceptional faculty as GCF develops in the Tallahassee area.